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(no subject)

Dec. 31st, 2005 | 12:45 am
music: Interpol / Slow Hands (Britt Daniel Mix)

"I think one day when I grow up I want to be a sponge. A sponge and a princess."

random foreign friends with my sense of humor/sarcasm make my world go round.

i forgot to mention that for xmas my mom was given two cds. one from me - neil diamond - and one from my father - green day. quite possibly the oddest combo ever. even odder might be the origins of each. what 57 year old gives his 56 year old wife a green day cd for xmas? apparently she asked for it. she likes the political messages. my mom rocks.

my scanner is frustrating me, but once i've successfully mastered it (or at least figured out how to avoid the evil blue tint) i will post fun fisheye lens-induced photos. particularly those of jackie and her rockstar friends, random nyc findings, and austin in his hilarious drunken state.

i saw melissa from the real world new orleans tonight and she quite possibly is the cutest thing ever. shes super tiny and super cute and i want to be her.

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Dec. 23rd, 2005 | 08:57 pm

does anyone know of places on long island that will cross-process film? or, does anyone know anyone who works in a photo studio (drug store/discount store place, or photo place) that i might be able to convince to do it?

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remember to remember me standing still in your past.

Dec. 22nd, 2005 | 09:53 pm
music: wilco - hummingbird

saying goodbye is, as i expected, tough. seeing jays eyes water up as i left the store today made me realize that i actually will miss syracuse. at least the people. a select few of them. but those select few are very important to me and its going to hurt not having them in close range anymore. i wandered the mall with caleb for the last time, and had my plans for another goodbye canceled last minute due to circumstances beyond both of our control. pending a phone call, those plans might be rescheduled for tomorrow.

saying goodbye to jen, emma, and tim in the coming day or two will probably be the hardest. they've become my second family. i'm amazed at how open and genuine people really can be. it restored my faith in humanity at least a little.

everythings sort of a blur. it all was going so slowly, and then suddenly it began to fly by. sort of rollercoaster-like.

just over two years ago, i showed up at 709 north avenue with a pick up truck of stuff. my parents wouldn't leave until josh got home. they wanted to say hi. they really just didn't want to leave me. which is cute. i must say, i miss that house. even if jen drove me insane some of the time ha. i miss "roommate bonding" :(

can i transfer a handful of my stores staff down to long island? daryl, jen, jay, valissa, shannon, lisa, jeremy, jay allen, vic, crystal, colleen, travis, marty, komuda, liz...

i'll now return to my listening of wilco's live recording, kicking television. so pretty.

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written earlier, posted later.

Dec. 16th, 2005 | 09:20 am

Not to sound unnecessarily dramatic or clichéd but this morning, my life flashed before my eyes. Actually flashed is a bad word for it. Think of it as a prolonged flash. 45 minutes. I don’t know how cities with this sort of weather survive in the winter. I had an 8AM final down in Cortland. I left Syracuse at 545. By 645, I had made it only to Lafayette. Maybe a third of my trip. The roads of Westcott were as I expected – bad. I stopped to get gas and made friends with the guy who pulled up behind me. He needed to buy an ice scraper because he didn’t have one. His car was still covered in snow, I’m not sure how he made it as far as he did. I almost gave him my extra one but luckily the gas station had some for sale. I hoped that once I hit 690 and 81, things would get better. That wasn’t the case. As I hit route 81 just south of Syracuse, things got even worse. My only savior was the reflection off the guardrails from my fog lights. I drove a steady 25, only so my car could make it up the hills. There were times I went much smaller. The sun had yet to rise, which made it even worse. Looking ahead of me, all I saw was snow. No road, no cars, no trees. And no plows, because, well, there weren’t any. Just snow.

It’s now ten after 8. I’m bundled in my car in a McDonalds parking lot. Turns out they have wireless access but you have to pay. They do however give you complimentary access to the ArchCard website. I made another friend, this time, an older man who pulled up next to me eventually. He was on his way to Ithaca but was contemplating turning back. After numerous phone calls, I managed to reach my Spanish professor. He told me not to risk my life anymore. He will allow me to take my final Tuesday at 1030 with his other class. Of course, I have my last final at that same time, but I’m hoping the other teacher will let me stop by and take it once I’m done with the other.

Last night I was supposed to go out to dinner with work friends. I passed, considering my car was a sheet of ice due to the freezing rain that had fallen. I broke down on the phone with Dave because I was so frazzled regarding what to do. I seem to break down a lot lately. I discovered that Caleb was wandering the mall, waiting for the weather to let up, and we wandered together, doing laps around the levels like mall walkers, just at slower speeds. We stopped and watched a choir sing Christmas Carols. I had intentions of staying with Keith for the night but there was something more comforting about an invitation from Caleb, solely because I knew I could follow him home in the start of the horrible winter weather. We ventured out and scraped down our cars. My gloves were momentarily lost and my fingers quickly went numb. I studied at his dining room table. I watched Jarod do no wrong at some football game because he’s cursed with the ability to succeed at any videogame. I watched Jeff press a red button for a long time, and listened to him sing while doing the dishes. I cuddled with the Build-A-Bear Caleb built for himself. I admitted that I denied MySpace friend requests from Built Overnight multiple times before I gave in to Bryan. I found my gloves and exchanged text messages with Keith and Jen. I eventually passed out on the couch under three blankets. I woke up randomly at 230am and peered out the window. My car was clear. Turns out that the overnight snowfall had turned to freezing rain instead.

And now here I am. I’ve been in this McDonalds parking lot for over an hour and a half. I ventured inside at one point for hot cakes and a medium coke. I haven’t decided when to leave. The snow is falling pretty rapidly. I can just make out the roads of 81 and I see cars passing by slowly. Not as slow as they were when the sun had yet to come up, but still slow. I am supposed to work 11-7. I don’t want to by any means. I want to go home and curl up and get warm and study for my Bio final. I want to know what the weather is going to be like tonight/tomorrow morning. I have another final at 1030 tomorrow. Should I stay in Syracuse again? Should I just drive to Cortland and spend the night there? I don’t really have money to waste on a hotel room. But Liz is up in Syracuse and I don’t have anyone else’s number, maybe Nicks. The library isn’t open 24 hours is it?

Things are looking clearer, and I think I might venture into Syracuse.

And to think, it's not even winter yet...

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revenge is a bitch

Dec. 15th, 2005 | 07:08 am

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last week I committed genocide... Sorry about that, jessp (-5000 points). In June I bought porn for battledxbroken (-10 points). In August I pulled oh_andrea's hair (-5 points). Last Saturday I helped fadingxlight see the light (8 points). In September I set starthere's puppy on fire (-66 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5073 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:


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(no subject)

Dec. 14th, 2005 | 09:27 pm

so if you had $500 to spend at target, what would you buy?

i need ideas.

saturn has a promo going on where you get a $500 target gift card when you buy or lease a new saturn.

my card came today.

of course, im spending more time on their website than i am studying. but man am i excited to buy all the family guy dvds.

and shower soothers. and maybe a few new bras and a pair of pants, so i can prolong laundry a few more days.

im going to let my parents use some of it too because they're just awesome.

what else??

i can't wait to go shopping with carrie...

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(no subject)

Dec. 13th, 2005 | 09:47 pm

it's zero degrees out right now.


and i wish that meant that there was just no temperature what-so-ever.

unfortunately, all it means is...


really really frickin' cold.

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(no subject)

Dec. 11th, 2005 | 04:37 pm

-i want to steal daryls kids. they're too adorable.

-im going to ask my grandma to teach me how to knit. i know she'll be so happy. everyones getting a scarf for xmas next year. keith already requested a candy cane one.

-two weeks!

-one more day of classes...then three finals and a bunch of papers and articles. yikes.

-i love my car.

-thursday night, a bunch of work managers are going out to dinner and for drinks. i however have a final at 8am friday morning. which sucks so badly. i'll be the loser that leaves by 8pm ha.

-tina, i need more boots the chemist lip stuff. lets go back to london to get some.

-possible xmas gift for the people i'm staying with - assorted pictures of their daughter eating her birthday cake. they have pictures all over the place already but i got some really good black and white shots today. i think that might work...

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(no subject)

Dec. 4th, 2005 | 10:04 pm
music: MASH / Suicide is Painless

the mash theme song might be the most disturbing songs ever...for whatever reason, i just downloaded the version with lyrics and its...haunting. kind of weird.

im sick of this snow already. friday night, the roads were so bad that i got a few miles from the mall and turned back. i helped close down the store and slept on another managers coach for a few hours before returning to ae at 6am. i was awoken multiple times by his 2 month old son crying, and his 2 cats crawling all over me...which has in turn made me feel like i swallowed a golf ball. allergies shouldn't stick around that long once you're away from what you're allergic to, right?

in the past two days, i've spent $80 at work...but in my own defense i bought 8 shirts, 2 pairs of khakis, and 2 pairs of sweatpants. good deals, right? please, say yes so i can feel less guilty.

i chat just signed me on for no reason...

in order to avoid going over miles in the terms of my lease, i should only put about 288 miles on my car a week. in the past 5 days, i've put almost 500 on, and that includes a night where i didn't drive all the way home...shit...

tina i love you and i wish i was down there to give you a hug. we have a date when i come home. its going to be the best date ever.

god my posts are pathetic. i apologize. my life is more exciting than i make it out to be, i promise.

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"hey, want a piece of my big brownie?"

Dec. 2nd, 2005 | 01:32 pm

im trying to write an article on the death penalty and it makes me want to kill myself. how ironic.

my car is treating me well. tomorrow i get to drive jen to work...she'll be the first passanger, minus my mom, and daryl who sat in it in park.

keith just sent me this link and it made me happy. we're going to have a night of tea and animated christmas cartoons soon.

ia hype: i want to go on vacation with Richard Marx for a month..

its bio time. im the most boring livejournaler ever. why does anyone bother to read this?

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